Two Nation

26 Nov

Thought Purification
1.Jinnah wanted a culturally Muslim but secular state. Read his address to Pakistan constituent assembly on Aug.1947. I do not believe anybody has forgotten two nation theory. There is no need for it today as it is weekend after separation of East Pakistan. Its utility is only as a historical fact. We do not need it now as other unit will use it to separate from the fatherland.2 Mother Muslim League now has children, and they are grown up which is good for democracy.3 Iqbal had a vision so were other leaders from the begining of 20th century and millions who gave there life in the struggle. The great leader led us to the water. Everybody after 1857 who contributed were the visionary. We should not have hero worship but only worship Allah. 4 NP should have meeting outside Punjab also to educate people. 5.Why you want to ban ‘Amn ki Aasha’, dissent is healthy.6. I agree feudal lords are like cancer in Pakistan since 1947.The national assembly in 1947 had 80% landlords from West Pakistan and proportion is still the same. Respected Nizami Sahib will be worshiped as saviour of Pakistan if he can help in abolition of Zamindars and landlords.7’We are in 21st knowledge based society and I wish we will open more university to fill the Islamic vision of Education , even if we have to go to China. Let us not live in history but in the present so we can make our future great.


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