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30 Dec

Thought Purification
Justice Khwaja : when you are sitting two feet above every body you are nothing but a justice of SC.You are nobody’s father or a national of a country But only one who safeguards the constitution. It looks like CJ is playing a game by mentioning impeachment of president, let him talk to his liberator Nawaz.His leadership should raise the issue in Parliament.Its amazing CJ is acting like a big brother in the court as advising Asma to respect the Army. She is not a little girl but has a stature of any judge sitting two feet above the ground. Mr.CJ your job is not to give importance to your own people but finding if fundamental rights are involved. Mansoor Ijaz while appearing on CNN with Fareed Zakaria avoided the reason and motivation for writing the memo.It looks to me like a political circus.


Constitutional issues

28 Dec

You can repeat was media reported as nobody in Bhutto and Zardai family has ever been prosecuted. Its a sin to question anybody’s patriotism. CJP is not god even with small g. He is also carrying a lot of baggage. What Asma pointed out is a constitutional issue nothing more nothing less. Every body has lot of issues in Pakistan because intellectually and economically Pakistan is an uneven small field. Its better not to mix the issues.


Army in Pakista…

23 Dec

Army in Pakistan will not take over for various reason. They don’t need to as they control from behind. They have no support among the young who make up 60% of population under 30. Arab spring is too fresh in their mind.Most of them are educated, informed and enthusiastic , patriotic and secular young person. Do not forget the monster that is overactive and vibrant media created by Musharaf. CJP and other judges are on record opposing the military take over. On the other hand judiciary may prove to be the weakest link and may accept the Bangladesh model where CJ may become the active president and technocrat running the government under military control. I hope not, next election will mature the democracy quite a bit.International community should oppose it.


18 Dec

Thought PurificationBengalis were 100% supporter without if and but.No province in western part was !00% committed as Bengali Muslims.Many countries in the world have far of territories and possessions.Alaska is a good example from mainland USA.”don’t feel that….” is the main reason you are happy is very sad.Between 54 to 71 East Pakistan received Rs. 45.12 billion while West Pakistan got Rs. 122.13 billion.There population was more than the west wing.We in west wing even today believe in Provinces rather than the country. Look what we are doing to our self. Balochies want to leave and killing Punjabis, Pashtoon and Urdu speaking are killing each other.Bangladeshy were 100% Pakistani.I’ll like you to disprove it with examples. They left because of ” Ethnically motivated contempt, political discrimination , economic relegation and exclusion from superior services and defense services. Disprove me with facts


16 Dec

Thought PurificationSome facts for Mr Nizami.Alaska is thousand of miles away from mainland USA but still they are together.See what happened to union of Syria and Egypt or Eygypt and Libya. They fell apart because Egyptian were taking advantage of other partners.Not only we were in minority and never equalled their contribution in the the struggle but kept the booty as capital and more money which they made particularly foreign exchange. We did not want them to speak their language as which is as rich as Urdu. Mujib ‘ had made up his mind ‘ for a reason.I wish you will mention them in an editorial’Ther was “political discrimination, economic relegation and ethnically motivated contempt..In the end what we did, we sent the troops.My own relatives and friend served in the armed forces and then lived in the prison..We sent 10 million refugees to India , murdered in cold blood the students and intellectuals at Dacca University two days before surrender. We sent Tikka Khan as Butcher of Bengal just like Naseeruddin Baber as Butcher of Karachi who legitimized extra judicial killing. Pakistan is in my blood and I am the brick in the foundation which was shaken. We must speak the TRUTH.


15 Dec

Thought Purification
Chauburji: I enjoyed your romanticaly nostalgic recollection of English era.At that time things were always disciplined , red painted bricks and white painted panels always had an air of elegance though there was Hindu and Muslim Water.I want to fast forward when we were one country that is before 70 when an add on TV used to be “Chai Chahiey kon si janab , Bangla bolo Chai.We were one, but no more this is sad.It happened this month. How can we tell the young people the love and romance of common culture like Garam Chai on the platform.

Return of Musharaf

5 Dec

Thought Purification

Imran knows his value because he is honest and experienced ,they will complement each other. We should be grateful to him.He gave us free press ,elevated women,opened 80 higher education institutions, had growth rate of 7%, had peace and stability in the country , encourage creativity and culture. senior most judiciary took oath after their CJ resigned. He should have exterminated Taliban as they are making us pay a high price. He should clear his name legally.