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1 Dec
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Thought Purification

Let us discuss as Pakistani what are our normal values and norms. I suggest that there are none. We are five nations living in this country, for God sake let us become one. Only through periodic election, education and small provinces, to make level playing field, we can develop national norms and values. India is solving its rotten caste system even in Hindi belt as they did it in the South by election and education. They are not better but are doing the right thing. I strongly recommend the writings of Abul Kalam Azad between 1945-47. Let the fresh air come, open the doors and windows.
  • Satish Kumar Chadha · Top Commenter · Maharaja’s College, Jaipur

    Thought Purification,

    Bro I disagree with your suggestion that Pakistan lack values and norms. After all my ancestors were also products of the same land. 🙂

    If Pakistan is divided in five, India is divided in more than hundred different values and norms. The diversified opinions based on ethnicity, culture, religion help us to moan, groan, entice and cajole in society for its betterment and positivity and not for one-upmanship. The regionalism exists in every society and from time immemorial. Forget about pre or post partition era. The need is to find common ground till we resolve differences and also the society should not fall apart till such differences are resolved.

    You are forgetting Pakistan’s values, norms and cultural heritage of family values which is ingrained in our blood. Bro, our cultural values are reflected in Indus Valley Civilization, Moin-jo-daro, Harrapa, Kot Diji, Gandhara civilization and the World Heritage Site of Taxila, Nankana Sahib, Takht-i-Bahi (in KP), enumerable sufi shrines, beautiful Mosques, Tombs build by Muslim rulers, its festivals, folk dances like Luddi, Attan, Chand Raat, Nawruz etc. Even if you talk of the language and its rich heritage please refer to Faiz, Allama Iqbal, Ahmad Faraz, Nadeem Qasimi etc. More so, if we talk of languages, friends, what’s wrong in Balochi, Saraiki, Brahui, Pashto, Sindhi, Hazaragi etc. in taking pride? Why only Urdu which has its genesis in Avadh. After all they also represent the culture heritage of Pakistan …?? As Indian I always take pride in Taj Mahal, Lal Quila, Jama Masjid, Fatehpur Sikri, Qutub Minar, Charminar, Ajanta, Allora, Sait Xaviours Charch, Victoria Terminus, innumerable temples and sufi shrines. Many of them are build during Moghal period and we all have proud of them. Our shared culture of Islam is the Sufi chants emanating from Dargahs and melodious ‘Azan’ from ‘Mosques’.

    Our hate is for destruction of normal values, norms, places of worship in the name of religion, whether in past or at present. It is probably ‘Hunnish’ loot which is presently taking place in Pakistan. Teachings of Prophet Mohammad now a day became subservient to the preaching of Mullahs and Imams.

    The God has given us a beautiful brain, not to have depressive thoughts, but to have hope, love and caring for humanity and respect of others feelings. I am using Islam because all our problems started when this pious religion in dragged in by few vested interests in furtherance of their own political gain, forgetting its beautiful teachings of love and peaceful co-existence. Probably, this is also the cause of our partition 63 years back.
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  • Thought Purification

    Satish Kumar Chadha I love everything you wrote, I feel you are my intellectual brother. Our values are not there with national purpose and feeling because absence of ballot for most of our existence, did not let them evolved. You are Indian but we are only Pakistani’s when some outsider abuses us . Your differences in Maharashtra against UP come somewhat closer to what we have all over the country. I am not critical but it rather hurts me. Values with national purpose only come through real democracy where every body votes to equalize things in the society. If India was Pakistan then ManMohan sigh a migrant from Pakistan will not be a PM rather person from Hindi Belt and most likely from UP. This only happened because India has evolved national values beyond regionalism, provincialism and caste system. Periodic election and education has proven value in any democratic society of the world. Best example is the melting pot of USA. See who is the President just because of American values as individual are important, nothing else nothing more

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