Differece with India

5 Dec

Thought PurificationRam Prasad You are somewhat correct. Leaders with foresight were there but were suppressed by gun and judicial terrorism started with CJ Munir in 1958 when he legalised army take over.Indians through legislation abolished Zamindari in early years when Congress had political capital and consolidated the princely states. Vinoba Bhave and Jai Prakash Narain came much latter on to introduce a voluntary and moral programme. The first National assembly of Pakistan had 80% landlord and it is more or less the same today. Landlord not only not allow any school in their district but closed the existing one. They still have people in bondage. We had a religious bigot General as a dictator without any brain and who subsequently hanged the man with a vision with the help of judges and that is also not unanimous but split court. Musharaf did try to encourage education , development of citizenship and free press but again he was a dictator. We are not bannkrupt of ideas but landlords are in power and truly intellectually bankrup. We have only .7 % of collage graduate and if they are politician have false degrees.


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