Stand alone PTI

5 Dec

Thought Purification

Ashraf Mumtaz:Mindset with past experience always gives wrong advise. Imran knows what he is doing , his rise is not because he waited 15 years but the same thing what happened in Tunisia, Egypt , Libya , Yamen Bhairan and now Syria. You guessed it right the young better educated under 30 are pushing him up and making him the leader. He knows what he is doing.He does not need alliance with anybody else that should be after election but definitly not with religious bigots. The young will not tolerate it. He should remain loyal to his constituency. May be, take another honest guy with him who has experience. If Musharaf can clear the legal hurdles he will be ideal.Free press, education, cutural awakening, rising stock market, stability, LG system to train politician beside representation of women were great thing. Above all he is honest like Imran Khan. Ashraf have faith in people and do not give any advise

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