16 Dec

Thought PurificationSome facts for Mr Nizami.Alaska is thousand of miles away from mainland USA but still they are together.See what happened to union of Syria and Egypt or Eygypt and Libya. They fell apart because Egyptian were taking advantage of other partners.Not only we were in minority and never equalled their contribution in the the struggle but kept the booty as capital and more money which they made particularly foreign exchange. We did not want them to speak their language as which is as rich as Urdu. Mujib ‘ had made up his mind ‘ for a reason.I wish you will mention them in an editorial’Ther was “political discrimination, economic relegation and ethnically motivated contempt..In the end what we did, we sent the troops.My own relatives and friend served in the armed forces and then lived in the prison..We sent 10 million refugees to India , murdered in cold blood the students and intellectuals at Dacca University two days before surrender. We sent Tikka Khan as Butcher of Bengal just like Naseeruddin Baber as Butcher of Karachi who legitimized extra judicial killing. Pakistan is in my blood and I am the brick in the foundation which was shaken. We must speak the TRUTH.


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