18 Dec

Thought PurificationBengalis were 100% supporter without if and but.No province in western part was !00% committed as Bengali Muslims.Many countries in the world have far of territories and possessions.Alaska is a good example from mainland USA.”don’t feel that….” is the main reason you are happy is very sad.Between 54 to 71 East Pakistan received Rs. 45.12 billion while West Pakistan got Rs. 122.13 billion.There population was more than the west wing.We in west wing even today believe in Provinces rather than the country. Look what we are doing to our self. Balochies want to leave and killing Punjabis, Pashtoon and Urdu speaking are killing each other.Bangladeshy were 100% Pakistani.I’ll like you to disprove it with examples. They left because of ” Ethnically motivated contempt, political discrimination , economic relegation and exclusion from superior services and defense services. Disprove me with facts


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