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Provinces and Fairness

27 Jan

Freedom in America is in the psyche of the nation .It welcomes everybody. I am glad Yameen and Ajaz you are happy. You are talking about Jinnahpur, which has been denied and proven wrong. But let us for a moment say it is true. It was wrong at time in point but now Shahbaz is suggesting to divide Sindh and Altaf is opposing it .We have new province of Baltistan. Seraiki, Bhawalpur and Hazara are in the making. So far union remains intact we can have 12 provinces as suggested by Hashmi. Everybody has equal right. Nobody has aright to be big brother or super patriot and no body knows any better than you gentlemen living in the west know. Ajaz if you were Altaf would you come to Pakistan to get killed? See he like Zardai (I do not like either one of them) is a master politician and controls the stable and loyal vote bank. No body can make a government without ANP and MQM. By the way if Sindh provides 70 % of wealth then what is the need to divide. There are inequalities in other provinces, which need to be looked at from growth and development point of view. New provinces like India may be the answer. See their Punjab. It’s the second richest province in India after Gujrat. It was divided in three provinces. We as nation react to creative journalism and dishonest reporting rather strongly taking any written thing as divine revelation. Media has to sell itself and its unfortunate.


Political field

27 Jan
PMLN has proven as destructive force for the society in the last four years. They have no manifesto except obsession with Musharaf, they have no votes in Parliament except idiotic manipulations. They are undemocratic and had no intraparty election. They want to play games on the street but without enthusiastic support.The young people in Pakistan have raised a man of their choice as a leader.The first person from Punjab who has national appeal because he is charismatic and honest IK. These qualities are hard to beat with Sharif brothers history of eratic behavior. But the lethal blow came from the man with nerves of steel, master politician of reconciliation. He was also trained in prison and streets AZ. Tell me how Nawaz whose attention span is two minutes and comprehension is -5 can compete with Zardari and Altaf. ANP and MQM know that all politics is local hence they have a strong voters bank. They will always be in power and IK , Qurehi and Hashmi ‘lost jewel of PMLN’ know it. If musharaf can clear his legal ramification then he will be tough to beat only because he is percieved as honest , intelligent, experienced and closer to GHQ.


26 Jan

Allah does not like begging and escapism as we see on this page.He says I will help you if you help yourself. He has given us thinking power and power of action but we do not want to use it and instead abuse our adversaries and ask Allah to help us though we are not helpless. Either we are coward or lazy. Allah knows it and that is why we are as we are. He helps his other mankind because they help themselves. He is very kind to America and see what he has given them.Plenty of everything. Let us stop this moaning and groaning and sulking in a corner

Best leaders in pakistan

26 Jan

Mohsin Kamal I can see and feel your pain. It looks I am saying what you wrote. We have these wretched leaders who are acting like spoiled children who inherited a fortune. What we need is a new generation of leadership to replace these uneducated with false degrees children of oppressive landlords and greedy industrialist.Look our so called enemy USA whose president is not only a son of single mother who lived on food stamps but also earned a PhD, a vice president who is a son of mill worker ,speaker of the house who swept the floor in a bar. We need these kind of people. On the other side we have religious bigots who burn girls and other schools,burn barber and music shop etc. Then we have tribal Jirgas who order punishment by raping women,and above all we have custodian of law’the black coats’ who shower rose petals on a murderer. At present it looks to me Imran and Musharaf and our young strong 80 million under thirty are our only hope. It is just a wish.

Quran as teacher

25 Jan

Jammie Niqaabi How do you know I am not a Muslim. If I tell you that I am a better Muslim than you then would be surprised . And that I am. The only difference is ” I am a spiritual Muslim and you are ritual. A teacher for an illiterate is different than for an educated.Quran has meaning for everybody but in a broad sense according to one’s understanding. Allah never wants anybody to do things if they are not capable .As an educated person you can not take a few line from a whole book. A book is for the whole and not the part. Once we understand that you will realize that God expect us to do our job and not beg him to use him as an escape. He made us his representative on earth.Let us take charge of our destiny. Yes I am a Muslim as defined in Quran not as taught to 1400 yrs ago with the literacy rate of 1% by teachers after prophet.

Evolution of democracy

22 Jan
Vaneeza Hayat That is a beautiful thought and I agree whole heartedly .You live in England the home of Magna Carta more than iooo years old.We are talking about four Cromwels in 63 years. Our democracy is only 63 years old intrupted by four Cromwel’s.We have tribal culture and primitive social structure.It needs to evolve.We also have prejudice passed along by our forefathers to the generation of Nawaz and Zardari.VVIP culture is in our blood.Do not forget we are feudal agrarian society plagued by ethnicity and secterianism in its worst form.This all can be solved by periodic elections. If we can get Martin Luther then it can be a blessing.Quality of our people is poor so we have poor leaders. Please read Moulana Abul Kalam interview with Shorish Kashmiri.
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Non Quranic Islamic traditions

20 Jan

slamic tradition is based on verbal history and not on Quran. Verbal history is history of Arab culture and customs. We are not Arab, we are South Asian. To inovke Islamic traditions based on Arab culture is unfair.Let us follow the law.If presidential immunity is the reason for the charge of contempt then it should be decided first.The furious tribal streak combined with Ego of the court is not unconstitutional but absolutely wrong. Aitezaz did not intimidate our macho court but showed them the right path. How come there is no women judge on the SC? Is it UNISLAMIC or Islamic Arab tradition?