Harvesting the Genes

11 Jan

Tahir Ullah Khan As I stated identification and preservation of genetically superior people is the responsibility of the society and not necessarily of the government. It is well established that 25% people in any society have above average intelligence and 6% are gifted,this segment of the society needs to be recognized and nurtured.Indian business schools (financial times) have such a program and out of 2 million students who were interested in business and who attained 95% in high school, they identified 2000 such students for eight schools. After graduation they were offered $120000 per year in India while a Harvard graduate with the same qualification starts at $95000 per year on Wall Street. In India they are paid by the private industry.Usually after a while they start their own company and add to national wealth.Unfortunately we are always looking for a hand out from the government ,but we do not pay income tax. Muslims need ‘Khudi’ what Iqbal talked about.


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