Political circus

11 Jan

CJ:PCO of 99 vintage approves the changes in 1999 and jumps to become CJ and subsequently get together with Nawaz money and gives birth to lawyer movement. Also tried to bring Nawaz Sharif back. Kyani an architect of NRO has no place to hide, gets caught red handed with OBL. On the other side people elect the corrupt leadership as they had no choice. What circus.Show has started with SC as another political party with its own agenda.This is the first generation of Pakistanis though we are in the fourth generation. It looks to me the young people have raised Imran Khan rather than Imran developing a following.Let us get ready for the man made world.If we can avoid civil war ,more killing and disintegration of the country then may be just may be THE 4TH GENERATION will rule and we will have a new dawn with a bright sun and these pygmies will be forgotten.


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