Prejudiced mind

11 Jan

Masuma Leduke · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter

he is a coward and Israeli agent he got Pakistan involved in Americas War like Zia did Western Powers want to denuclearize Pakistan he allowed black water agents in Pakistan who created havoc in all cities of Pakistan and tried to get the info of their location this idiot overthrew an elected govt of Pakistan and then did gave protestion to Benazeer that she was asking for he played in the hands of enemy for Dollars he was not born in Pakistan no country allows a Person not born in the country to run for election specially for Presidency not in the USA.

Thought Purification

No body in Pakistan was born in Pakistan in 1947, You do not know the history. You are blinded with prejudice. You are responsible for the birth of MQM, Bangladesh and Baloch discomfort. You are an enemy of Pakistan.

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