16 Jan
  • Thought Purification You are not of the “common” epople. You seem to be a PPP troll. What is your name and where is your picture. Are you one or many?
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  • Thought Purification

    Laulak Siddique I am the nameless and faceless millions of Pakistani asking for fairness and unwilling to accept wrong. I am independent and not a member of any party . My idelogy is Pakistan and its in my blood. I am only one . Any other question? Tell me what party you belong to?
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    Laulak Siddique ·  Top Commenter · North Carolina State University

    Thought Purification It doesn’t matter whether you are not member of any party. You seem to be a secularist bent on destroying the nationhood of Pakistan.
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  • Thought Purification

    Laulak Siddique Yes! I am a Jinnah secularist. A secular state with culturally Muslim state where religion is everybody’s spiritual option and not imposed by anybody. Read Jinnah’s speeches after 1945 to August 1947 in constituent assembly. Religion never develops the nationhood otherwise there will be one country and not 56 Muslim State . Do not forget culture and economics which are the biggest force. What religious country you are living in and how your religious practices are restricted.I am the brick in the foundation of Pakistan and trying to hold it. Please do not shake it.

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