19 Jan

It is so difficult to follow enumeration of extremely diverse example in different part of world with equally different circumstances. I wish Mr. Shah analyzed the reasons in Pakistan for such a move where five nations are living with same religion. I ‘ll like to suggest if one unit was not formed Pakistan will still have Bangladesh as East Pakistan. At that time we needed three provinces in East Pakistan and three in Punjab in the West and not parity with obvious malicious reason. We need to make playing field even. Look at Punjab of Lahore and Multan or Peshawar and Hazara. We have two factors which are special situation in Pakistan. Five groups of people with different identities.  They fit the definition of five-nation theory following the reason for two nations. Deprivation and lack of economic development is on the basis of regions. Neither Switzerland nor India fell apart rather they are stronger. We need to develop a Pakistani culture through well-proven means that is periodic elections and non-interference of army and apex court. This is not insane or asinine rather the only way to refine the federation. We are not talking about separation or cessation but reconstruction.


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