Evolution of democracy

22 Jan
Vaneeza Hayat That is a beautiful thought and I agree whole heartedly .You live in England the home of Magna Carta more than iooo years old.We are talking about four Cromwels in 63 years. Our democracy is only 63 years old intrupted by four Cromwel’s.We have tribal culture and primitive social structure.It needs to evolve.We also have prejudice passed along by our forefathers to the generation of Nawaz and Zardari.VVIP culture is in our blood.Do not forget we are feudal agrarian society plagued by ethnicity and secterianism in its worst form.This all can be solved by periodic elections. If we can get Martin Luther then it can be a blessing.Quality of our people is poor so we have poor leaders. Please read Moulana Abul Kalam interview with Shorish Kashmiri.
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