Quran as teacher

25 Jan

Jammie Niqaabi How do you know I am not a Muslim. If I tell you that I am a better Muslim than you then would be surprised . And that I am. The only difference is ” I am a spiritual Muslim and you are ritual. A teacher for an illiterate is different than for an educated.Quran has meaning for everybody but in a broad sense according to one’s understanding. Allah never wants anybody to do things if they are not capable .As an educated person you can not take a few line from a whole book. A book is for the whole and not the part. Once we understand that you will realize that God expect us to do our job and not beg him to use him as an escape. He made us his representative on earth.Let us take charge of our destiny. Yes I am a Muslim as defined in Quran not as taught to 1400 yrs ago with the literacy rate of 1% by teachers after prophet.


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