Best leaders in pakistan

26 Jan

Mohsin Kamal I can see and feel your pain. It looks I am saying what you wrote. We have these wretched leaders who are acting like spoiled children who inherited a fortune. What we need is a new generation of leadership to replace these uneducated with false degrees children of oppressive landlords and greedy industrialist.Look our so called enemy USA whose president is not only a son of single mother who lived on food stamps but also earned a PhD, a vice president who is a son of mill worker ,speaker of the house who swept the floor in a bar. We need these kind of people. On the other side we have religious bigots who burn girls and other schools,burn barber and music shop etc. Then we have tribal Jirgas who order punishment by raping women,and above all we have custodian of law’the black coats’ who shower rose petals on a murderer. At present it looks to me Imran and Musharaf and our young strong 80 million under thirty are our only hope. It is just a wish.


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