Political field

27 Jan
PMLN has proven as destructive force for the society in the last four years. They have no manifesto except obsession with Musharaf, they have no votes in Parliament except idiotic manipulations. They are undemocratic and had no intraparty election. They want to play games on the street but without enthusiastic support.The young people in Pakistan have raised a man of their choice as a leader.The first person from Punjab who has national appeal because he is charismatic and honest IK. These qualities are hard to beat with Sharif brothers history of eratic behavior. But the lethal blow came from the man with nerves of steel, master politician of reconciliation. He was also trained in prison and streets AZ. Tell me how Nawaz whose attention span is two minutes and comprehension is -5 can compete with Zardari and Altaf. ANP and MQM know that all politics is local hence they have a strong voters bank. They will always be in power and IK , Qurehi and Hashmi ‘lost jewel of PMLN’ know it. If musharaf can clear his legal ramification then he will be tough to beat only because he is percieved as honest , intelligent, experienced and closer to GHQ.

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