Provinces and Fairness

27 Jan

Freedom in America is in the psyche of the nation .It welcomes everybody. I am glad Yameen and Ajaz you are happy. You are talking about Jinnahpur, which has been denied and proven wrong. But let us for a moment say it is true. It was wrong at time in point but now Shahbaz is suggesting to divide Sindh and Altaf is opposing it .We have new province of Baltistan. Seraiki, Bhawalpur and Hazara are in the making. So far union remains intact we can have 12 provinces as suggested by Hashmi. Everybody has equal right. Nobody has aright to be big brother or super patriot and no body knows any better than you gentlemen living in the west know. Ajaz if you were Altaf would you come to Pakistan to get killed? See he like Zardai (I do not like either one of them) is a master politician and controls the stable and loyal vote bank. No body can make a government without ANP and MQM. By the way if Sindh provides 70 % of wealth then what is the need to divide. There are inequalities in other provinces, which need to be looked at from growth and development point of view. New provinces like India may be the answer. See their Punjab. It’s the second richest province in India after Gujrat. It was divided in three provinces. We as nation react to creative journalism and dishonest reporting rather strongly taking any written thing as divine revelation. Media has to sell itself and its unfortunate.


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