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21 Feb
Jawad Waheed The philosophy of violence and hate needs no understanding.It needs to be destroyed so the mainstream majority can live in peace, 80% religious organization were against creation of Pakistan including JI which was in the front row.Sorry I can not see the imposition of views through violence and hate groups. I understand the philosophy of these groups quite well , they have brought us to a stage where country is dying . I heard them calling father of the nation ‘Daharia’ and that says it all. They have created black coats in Islamabad with petals in their hand for Qadri. What is there to understand. I want my rights back ,I want my life back . I want our women to walk on the street without fear and without facing vigilante justice. Please try to understand the majority.

Indian Musllim

19 Feb

ndia had two commissions headed by justices who identified the problem but due to ground realities recommendations were never executed,MM Singh and Congress did not do because of international pressure but rather to secure vote bank. Lack of education and keeping them away from higher education is keeping them beyond reach of main stream. The most dangerous thing is happening that is a permanent Muslim proletarian class is taking shape and they are developing ghetto mentality. Do not forget they come from the same class as Urdu speaking people in Pakistan who are more educated than others. India Muslims have potential and genetic endowment for progress. http://www.thought .word

Changed world

17 Feb

There are lot of social factors in our very diverse country. The only solution is secularism and democracy.It frees human energy and talent , provides equal opportunity to all. It avoids persecution by the state of minorities and different sects and believes.Mr Khan we can not live in history.We are not hunter and gatherer any more.We are living in a global village.The world is not round any more and it is flat. People talk with their feet,They are mobile. 3 million people are outside the country.We are 180 million ,feudal and inefficient. Agricultural era can not support us. We need education in this knowledge based society and equal opportunities.Let us live in 21st century.


Nazaria Pakista…

16 Feb

Nazaria Pakistan after Bangladesh is a hoax.If we persist with this kind of thinking then we definitely will have three more Bangladesh. Pakistan was simply created to save culturally Muslim areas from the animosity of the majority. Nehru did not agree with the confederation but a strong center. According to two nation theory five nation are living in Pakistan. Let us stop lying to ourself. Balochistan has to be compensated and have to be the master of their own destiny. When that happens they will stop killing non Balochies, Shahbaz Sharif is not making any sense and talking like a little child or a person who lacks comprehension which is true for his older brother also. Will we allow Bangladesh after making a confederation to rule at the center. How about including India in the confederation and solve the Kashmir problem.We are all very confused.We need even and level playing field with more provinces to keep the union strong as well as economic justice

Outcome of Conflict

7 Feb

We are talking about Syria. To my knowledge there is no ‘Crusader nation’ who has been reported in Syria unless you have some inside knowledge, Pre set mind is like defender of the faith. There are not many AL Qaeda left in Afghanistan, mission accomplished. Iraq was a folly . America paid for it with 3500 lives which is unacceptable. But some good came out of it. Dictator is gone, democracy is growing, Shia majority rightfully is in power( I am a Sunni) and USA and UK have access to oil and other under ground wealth. Economics in this world is more important than faith which is for the life here after.

Enlightened Moderation

6 Feb

What you are trying to say? Fundamentalism that is ‘ Militant Islam’ is increasing so is westernization. SO. Westernization is not creeping in but we have moved into a global village. Because of our feudal, tribal culture and illiteracy we are unable to cope in this global village in a world which is not round anymore but flat.Three million Pakistanis have walked to this flat land.The expats who contribute now to foreign exchange. Should we justify killing people in the name of religion or let them impose their will on us. Enlightened moderation means not to let it happen.

Wrong claims

4 Feb

All values which Sania describes as Islamic are universal human values. Her statements speaks tons about our dishonesty in relation to others. Muslims by far and large are inferior nation intellectually. It is uniformly established in all Muslim countries with rare exceptions. One third nobel prize in the world are awarded to Jews who population is hardly 20 million in the world while Muslims are 1.2 billion and you can count the nobels on finger tips.Muslims always like to live in the history.During the time of prophet the literacy rate was less than 1%. In Pakistan by nature we are tribal and aim is to go to Jannah. We are taught this, day in and day out, by the mosque and the media.Unless our spirituality is associated with ethical life we will always have the contradiction in living. Let us go to Jannah not through ritual but spiritual cum ethical life.