Nazaria Pakista…

16 Feb

Nazaria Pakistan after Bangladesh is a hoax.If we persist with this kind of thinking then we definitely will have three more Bangladesh. Pakistan was simply created to save culturally Muslim areas from the animosity of the majority. Nehru did not agree with the confederation but a strong center. According to two nation theory five nation are living in Pakistan. Let us stop lying to ourself. Balochistan has to be compensated and have to be the master of their own destiny. When that happens they will stop killing non Balochies, Shahbaz Sharif is not making any sense and talking like a little child or a person who lacks comprehension which is true for his older brother also. Will we allow Bangladesh after making a confederation to rule at the center. How about including India in the confederation and solve the Kashmir problem.We are all very confused.We need even and level playing field with more provinces to keep the union strong as well as economic justice


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