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My Solution for Pakistan

31 Mar

Kamal Khan Your deduction is wrong and your presumption from my statements is erroneous. I do not make statement because of common knowledge, I verify it and can always give you ref. I am fair and do not mix things up. No I have no love for Altaf. Do not find meaning in my words, it says what it means, We do have a frustrating situation in Pakistan. Revolution in democracy can be easily brought through ballot box. Leaders are produced and elected according to quality of people and their wishes. We will get there provided we have periodic elections. Democracy is the biggest purifier of the society. It has proven value which is undeniable.Education and abolition of feudal system in Punjab and Sindh with control of Sardars in Balochistan can be added bonus and release the national energy. In addition I’ll like Mullah to become formally educated, go back to mosque and preach in non violent way to build nation’s moral fiber. If you differ please tell us why.


Karachi the melting pot

31 Mar

Aabid Hussain Mohajir is the word assign to them when they arrived from India with love for the country and education. When they arrived it was like coming to a bride unseen for which they struggled and left there home .That passion and pride this fourth generation is still carrying as their first love. They had no constituency and should have anticipated the difficulties but you know love was blind.They came to a sleepy fishing seaport of 100000 which proudly boasts of 18 million well trained workers.Anybody could not find a job in the hinterland also arrived because Ayub encouraged them from PK and feudal lords in Punjab.Its our national city and no other city is like Karachi though Lahore is catching up with it. All people who are doing well in USA and UK etc went with education and a few $ in their pocket. Personal drive and education is a way to success. Now MQM and ANP also have their constituency. The place is a melting pot.Democracy,education and intermarriages is the answer. People of Sindh are beautiful people like Swat and Baltistan etc.

Legislating Morals

22 Mar

Before we legislate morals I will like the editors to define our values and culture. In pre partition India Muslims had their distinct traditions but moral values were common with other communities and religion. Common. values are human values and they do not belong to any religion. Now we have a global culture and in this high tech society no barriers can be erected as means of communication are up in the air with facebook and twitter. Barbed wires and tall walls cannot stop and imprison the young mind.We have lot of our people educated outside and they have tasted the freedom which is in their psyche.Liquor was always served in our country.All country clubs and private clubs in all big cities have local and foreign spirit available.It is extensively used in the army and public and private functions. Morarji Desai tried prohibition during his reign in India but failed His substitution of urine with his own example of its use did not work. Sooner than latter we should legalize it and bring it in the open so we can regularize its use and make it safer. It is not Haraam in Islam but is not seen favorably.If you want to stop it then let us try in Islamabad and find out how many members of Punjab cabinet have a private bar. Gen.Zia is dead and may be we should remove his body and bury it in a mango orchard. Sir this 21st century.

Two Nations

19 Mar

Two nation theory accomplished its objective on August 14 1947 and died .If we keep it alive then there will always be five nations in Pakistan,a self destructive proposition.Muslim are persecuted not because they are Muslim but because all terrorist are Muslims. The muslim of subcontinent did not vote for theocratic state but rather theostatic state that is culturally Muslim state as reinforced by Jinnah’s speech of August 11 1947.


19 Mar

Thought Purification 

Aabid Hussain Did you read my whole comment.No province in west Pakistan ever voted for Muslim League at the onset in1947 election. The only Muslim majority province was Bengal.Should we keep every province and its people responsible and hate them.This is also true for JI.These are historical facts, go to library and read it.Beside giving you right information it wont help the country .I do not care about MQM and Altaf has not given me any money. I am financially independent by the grace of God. Your interest in Islam is confined to bigoted Political Islam of Lal Masjid . Any wrong done in Pakistan is done by CIA,RAW and Mossad.Islamist fundamentalist with their own version of Islam are angels.They have short cut to go to Paradise thru suicide bombing. Let us talk some sense .Let us love Pakistan and not live in history. This is true our fore fathers have transferred hatred as inheritance ,please let us do a better job with our children and make Pakistan what Jinnah said on Aug.11 1947 in Pakistan constituent assembly. Read it as he was the father of the nation though second generation converted Gujrati Muslim.Are you going to hold it against him? By the way I am no JEW but God fearing better Muslim than you are.


19 Mar

Salman Zafar He doesn’t want to come because I think he will be killed like BB ,JI opposed creation of pakistan,now what we should do with them . They supported Lal Masjid,terrorism and not condemning suicide bombing.Let us not live in history. ANP forefathers opposed Pakistan so did unionist in Punjab ,even people in Sindh and Balochistan. Let us talk about the present and let us live without hatred and peace. let us bury the past.Our forefathers did a lousy job’ They transferred the hate to us, let us do a better job with our children. I have no love for Altaf and I do not care where he lives.I love Pakistan and all those who feel like me 

Nation of Faith

19 Mar

Aabid Hussain You have raised a lot of questions without rational answer. For some reason you left out PML-N and JI. Why not ban all and call Imran as PM and Musharaf to take over for five years as they are the only honest people left. Do you want to change 1973 constitution to impose the kind of law you want.No body in the world have successfully legislated the morals or a way of life. The most prosperous Muslim community in the world is in USA, 75% have post graduate degrees, They have freedom of religion and speech. Tell me one Muslim country including Iran and Saudia where Muslims are not better off than USA though they are very rich.No body is stopping you from Islamic way of Life but you have no right to impose your will by force.Allah has given independence in action to each human being and will judge them according to one’s deed. You seem to be irrationally jealous of the West because they are advanced and prosperous. You can catch up with them with education and democracy. Muslims have never been United as they are nation of faith which is not physical.Only 18% are Arabs and their culture can not be imposed on other 78%. Moreover as I stated as a nation you are not responsible to Allah but only as individual.