Old Gaurds

3 Mar

Mr. Bhutto : No wonder democracy is limping with leaders who do not know the meaning and evolution of democracy.You are comparing us with the end product and present set up under Zardari whome you obviously do not like. Let us have few facts straight. Democracy has five pillars and not three as defined by you.You probably do not undestand or know other two pillars and that is Stock Market and Media. Mr Zardari was elected by the biggest majority in the history of Pakistan by the fairest of election. There is no disaster or doom for this one legged democracy as defined by you. We will limp along with all five legs, juorney will be slow but we will reach there if we have periodic elections. Local conditions and quality of people will guide us to maturity.Our trouble is that we have clever people but not those who pursue excellence. We hve 60% of people under 25 and granted only 30%are going to schools and colleges but that will give us a critical mass for progress and development. Please don’t talk about defeatist option judiciary , technocrats or army.We do not need a big brother. I don’t want to go to square one, we are crawling forward. Go to Sindh and become Sir Syed Ahmad Khan , people will always remember you and nation will begrateful.


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