Two Countries

8 Mar

Deepak V Joshi You have raised to many points.Pakistan is suffering because Jinnah died too soon and Liaqut was murdered like Gandhi. Like India we did not have second tier leaders.The country was hijacked by feudals who made 80% of the Parliament but also had two wives. Hindus were the only educated class and they left. So the social structure was sick. We were rich and brave with a disease. It was easy for the religious people to creep in not in the government like BJP but in the society.Our Geography did not favor us and our recent history with ambitious army became disastrous. Education suffered and here we are. Musharaf did humanise the society with private enterprise, opening 60 universities, developing vibrant press, encouraging creativity after bigoted Zia but remember he was a dictator , popular with people but not politicians. We need education,periodic election and if possible to get rid of feudalism.


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