19 Mar

Thought Purification 

Aabid Hussain Did you read my whole comment.No province in west Pakistan ever voted for Muslim League at the onset in1947 election. The only Muslim majority province was Bengal.Should we keep every province and its people responsible and hate them.This is also true for JI.These are historical facts, go to library and read it.Beside giving you right information it wont help the country .I do not care about MQM and Altaf has not given me any money. I am financially independent by the grace of God. Your interest in Islam is confined to bigoted Political Islam of Lal Masjid . Any wrong done in Pakistan is done by CIA,RAW and Mossad.Islamist fundamentalist with their own version of Islam are angels.They have short cut to go to Paradise thru suicide bombing. Let us talk some sense .Let us love Pakistan and not live in history. This is true our fore fathers have transferred hatred as inheritance ,please let us do a better job with our children and make Pakistan what Jinnah said on Aug.11 1947 in Pakistan constituent assembly. Read it as he was the father of the nation though second generation converted Gujrati Muslim.Are you going to hold it against him? By the way I am no JEW but God fearing better Muslim than you are.

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