Nation of Faith

19 Mar

Aabid Hussain You have raised a lot of questions without rational answer. For some reason you left out PML-N and JI. Why not ban all and call Imran as PM and Musharaf to take over for five years as they are the only honest people left. Do you want to change 1973 constitution to impose the kind of law you want.No body in the world have successfully legislated the morals or a way of life. The most prosperous Muslim community in the world is in USA, 75% have post graduate degrees, They have freedom of religion and speech. Tell me one Muslim country including Iran and Saudia where Muslims are not better off than USA though they are very rich.No body is stopping you from Islamic way of Life but you have no right to impose your will by force.Allah has given independence in action to each human being and will judge them according to one’s deed. You seem to be irrationally jealous of the West because they are advanced and prosperous. You can catch up with them with education and democracy. Muslims have never been United as they are nation of faith which is not physical.Only 18% are Arabs and their culture can not be imposed on other 78%. Moreover as I stated as a nation you are not responsible to Allah but only as individual.


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