Legislating Morals

22 Mar

Before we legislate morals I will like the editors to define our values and culture. In pre partition India Muslims had their distinct traditions but moral values were common with other communities and religion. Common. values are human values and they do not belong to any religion. Now we have a global culture and in this high tech society no barriers can be erected as means of communication are up in the air with facebook and twitter. Barbed wires and tall walls cannot stop and imprison the young mind.We have lot of our people educated outside and they have tasted the freedom which is in their psyche.Liquor was always served in our country.All country clubs and private clubs in all big cities have local and foreign spirit available.It is extensively used in the army and public and private functions. Morarji Desai tried prohibition during his reign in India but failed His substitution of urine with his own example of its use did not work. Sooner than latter we should legalize it and bring it in the open so we can regularize its use and make it safer. It is not Haraam in Islam but is not seen favorably.If you want to stop it then let us try in Islamabad and find out how many members of Punjab cabinet have a private bar. Gen.Zia is dead and may be we should remove his body and bury it in a mango orchard. Sir this 21st century.


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