Karachi the melting pot

31 Mar

Aabid Hussain Mohajir is the word assign to them when they arrived from India with love for the country and education. When they arrived it was like coming to a bride unseen for which they struggled and left there home .That passion and pride this fourth generation is still carrying as their first love. They had no constituency and should have anticipated the difficulties but you know love was blind.They came to a sleepy fishing seaport of 100000 which proudly boasts of 18 million well trained workers.Anybody could not find a job in the hinterland also arrived because Ayub encouraged them from PK and feudal lords in Punjab.Its our national city and no other city is like Karachi though Lahore is catching up with it. All people who are doing well in USA and UK etc went with education and a few $ in their pocket. Personal drive and education is a way to success. Now MQM and ANP also have their constituency. The place is a melting pot.Democracy,education and intermarriages is the answer. People of Sindh are beautiful people like Swat and Baltistan etc.


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