My Solution for Pakistan

31 Mar

Kamal Khan Your deduction is wrong and your presumption from my statements is erroneous. I do not make statement because of common knowledge, I verify it and can always give you ref. I am fair and do not mix things up. No I have no love for Altaf. Do not find meaning in my words, it says what it means, We do have a frustrating situation in Pakistan. Revolution in democracy can be easily brought through ballot box. Leaders are produced and elected according to quality of people and their wishes. We will get there provided we have periodic elections. Democracy is the biggest purifier of the society. It has proven value which is undeniable.Education and abolition of feudal system in Punjab and Sindh with control of Sardars in Balochistan can be added bonus and release the national energy. In addition I’ll like Mullah to become formally educated, go back to mosque and preach in non violent way to build nation’s moral fiber. If you differ please tell us why.


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