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23 Apr

Making Dawood the main cause of violence in a city of 19.000.000 is beyond by any stretch of imagination.Karachi is a diverse city in every respect I. e. education, productivity , culture etc. The only thing common is money as it produces 60% of nations wealth and people from all over the country gravitate here for earning a livelihood. There are people from Bangladesh, Philippine, Chechenia and so on.It should be melting pot but things have not melted together well. But above all there is overcrowding , poor infrastructure and transportation. Its like a overcrowded rat colony in the cage. Security alone will never solve the problem without massive change in the living condition. Social scientist, city planner and security heads have to work together with more money returning to the city which makes it otherwise this will continue as it is. An academic approach is needed and not mob power.If New York city can solve its law and order problem so can Karachi.


Our Solution

21 Apr

Abid Kayani I am well read, its my hobby particularly about Pakistan I can quote the evolution of Pakistan from 1906 on. I recommend that you read about Sir Syed and Jinnah’s life then only you will have a back ground information. Sudan and Arab actions are not applicable. A very sensible approach is suggested by Mr. Hashmi and Imran Khan to make the playing field economically even. The second problem is that five nations are living in Pakistan with distinct languages ,culture food ,dress etc. We do not have Pakistani culture,we have no history. Pakistan has murky history of last 64 years.As you stated we are very provincial.ethnic,sectarian racist and so on. Well whats the solution?.We have to develop national Pakistani culture. It can only be accomplished by having periodic elections and education.Abolition of feudal system will help. So far economic equality is concerned playing level field through the formation of new provinces is a need of the time, union will become stronger and sense of deprivation will go away.In order to get convinced please go to Lahore, Multan and Attock and make up your mind.Everybody agrees that we were unfair to Balochistan. So far Bangladesh is concerned all you have to do see the budget of East which had more people and west and decide for yourself from 1947_71. Karachi produces 60 % of nations wealth according to newspapers but never gets enough money according to productivity to develop infrastructure ,transport system etc. Karachi’s population has grown 100,000 to 19.000,000. Overcrowding is the issue and not the job.If you put too many rats in the cage then they kill each other in spite of food. This is a scientific fact. We do not need micromanagement for each little problem. People are taking the industry to Bangladesh for the same reason as USA,UK and others i.e. low production cost. There is nobody against Punjab. We are in Majority,have PM,C-in-C, chief justice and member of civil service and Army. Our problem is generic and thats the way we should look at

Democracy and Theocracy

18 Apr
Laulak Siddique Read the other side of the story. You are living in USA. I’ll suggest go to a local library or to your state collage library or get access to National Library and read the reporting.If you have opened mind you will change it. I am not ‘defender of the faith’ rather worshipper of truth.Thats was Quran teaches us. I am secular and observant Muslim. I have gone for Hajj and taken my younger kids for Umra. I am a spiritual Muslim and not Political. You it looks to me opted for the other way round. I did not twist your words and understood as you wrote and what you wrote. I want you to read Jinnah’s speeches from 1946 till his death and tell me what he was.Was he secularist? I think he was.He was more than that . He was culturally Muslim And wanted a culturally Muslim State and not a theocracy. Do not live in history and develop hatred and anger.As I said before let us go forward , vote in the next election. As an honest citizen devoid of hatred and anger Accept the judgment of the people and abide with the rules of democracy rather than personal ideology and its imposition on others. I know Hindus in Karachi and they are descent people, I had Hindu classmates in Lahore and they were like any other human beings.They did not have horns coming out on their head.

Majid Nizami and Old Muslim League

15 Apr

You successfully completed 50 years and built yourself an umpire. Nobody can question your deep conviction of hating Hindus, is against what Jinnah said. You want to revive the old Muslim league of 1947.Well its dead and should not be revived as the need of 80 million under 30 is different , let them grow. Two nation theory served its purpose and if we keep persisting we will have five nations like Bangladesh..Try to insist on real confederation in this residual land with new configuration to make the union strong. Do not try to make political one unit as it will destroy our country.Let the diversity help us grow and develop a national character.No body has monopoly on patriotism , as an elder try to guide the whole nation and not diverse component of old ML. Try to get out of Lahore to other provinces and do not suppress the desire for new provinces through media.If people want new provinces let them have so far they remain in the union We have seen the baneful effect of one unit, give a chance to real confederation and then may be Bangladesh will be lured in to make United States of Pakistan and a thriving national culture.http:/

Secular Islam

12 Apr

Thought Purification

Satish Kumar Chadha You look to be very well versed ,well travelled educated  person as they call it my kind of guy. In Islam beside believing in one God it is religion of self responsibility. The ultimate aim is to practice ethical life and have contended soul (Nafas-ii Mutmeena).It is attained through the process of TAQWA that is purification of thought process.The practice is divided through two distinct routs fused in daily life under the name of five pillars. Beside faith one offers Namaz (meditate) with devotion (Khushoo and Khuzoo).Keep absolute fast for one month (no food, liquid or sex) with normal work so you feel what empty stomach feels. Give away 2.5% of hard earned wealth which one does not use in this income tax era. Have brothrhood and civility in the neighbor hood with Friday collctive prayer and if one can affo…rd should go for Hajj for universal brotherhood and tolerance. This has been altered in many ways after the death of prophet . Dawa( invitation) to propagate Islam took a different shape. Changes were brought by Mulla in post prophet Islam I guess was due to literacy rate which was less than i%. If you remove the post prophet changes to me its very secular. We do not need Mullah and his interpretation in  this literate knowledge based society.You are right if you believe in God he is in every place . Mirza Ghalib the great Indian poet rightfully said the samething r. I see nothing wrong with observant people if they do not impose their views. Live and let live.See More

Liquor and Five Arkaans

5 Apr

Liquor is not seen favorably by any religion. It was the common practice at the advent of Islam and use continued afterwards by prominent people in spite of lashing. It never stopped and unfortunately was not declared Haraam the absolute and clear order. Its sold in every Arab country legally except Saudia , its available in Mecca in private homes as extensively as in Lahore which as stated is number one in the country , May be because its the richest city. If anybody wants to obtain it is available easily.USA tried it and India tried it unsuccessfully. In Pakistan if we want to impose religiously inclined will of the people we will need an army of at least a million people for prohibition and controlling the crime which comes with it. May be we should leave it to people and deal with it as other countries are doing. After all we tolerate people who do not offer Salat which is compulsory and most important than liquor.We should insist to force five Arkaan first before going after the secondary issues.

Educated Voters

4 Apr

Farrukh Hussain Gillani Apml You are not the smartest guy on earth .None of us should try to be big brothers. ‘I know all’ big brothers we had to many and thats why we are in trouble. A vote is the most sacred thing in the world.Voting has nothing to do with education.Tell me one example in the world where it was a pre requisite Democracy evolution in every country is according to multiple local factors. Vote means expression of ones opinion, on the other hand informed citizen means strong pillar for the state.God forbid if we ever stop the drama of electorate and democracy and if we do we will be enslaved forever . Poverty will be our master. Sajid asked a very valid question.We all know democracy is the worst form of government but nobody has ever invented a better one to my knowledge. If you know of any please share with us.