Educated Voters

4 Apr

Farrukh Hussain Gillani Apml You are not the smartest guy on earth .None of us should try to be big brothers. ‘I know all’ big brothers we had to many and thats why we are in trouble. A vote is the most sacred thing in the world.Voting has nothing to do with education.Tell me one example in the world where it was a pre requisite Democracy evolution in every country is according to multiple local factors. Vote means expression of ones opinion, on the other hand informed citizen means strong pillar for the state.God forbid if we ever stop the drama of electorate and democracy and if we do we will be enslaved forever . Poverty will be our master. Sajid asked a very valid question.We all know democracy is the worst form of government but nobody has ever invented a better one to my knowledge. If you know of any please share with us.


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