Liquor and Five Arkaans

5 Apr

Liquor is not seen favorably by any religion. It was the common practice at the advent of Islam and use continued afterwards by prominent people in spite of lashing. It never stopped and unfortunately was not declared Haraam the absolute and clear order. Its sold in every Arab country legally except Saudia , its available in Mecca in private homes as extensively as in Lahore which as stated is number one in the country , May be because its the richest city. If anybody wants to obtain it is available easily.USA tried it and India tried it unsuccessfully. In Pakistan if we want to impose religiously inclined will of the people we will need an army of at least a million people for prohibition and controlling the crime which comes with it. May be we should leave it to people and deal with it as other countries are doing. After all we tolerate people who do not offer Salat which is compulsory and most important than liquor.We should insist to force five Arkaan first before going after the secondary issues.


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