Secular Islam

12 Apr

Thought Purification

Satish Kumar Chadha You look to be very well versed ,well travelled educated  person as they call it my kind of guy. In Islam beside believing in one God it is religion of self responsibility. The ultimate aim is to practice ethical life and have contended soul (Nafas-ii Mutmeena).It is attained through the process of TAQWA that is purification of thought process.The practice is divided through two distinct routs fused in daily life under the name of five pillars. Beside faith one offers Namaz (meditate) with devotion (Khushoo and Khuzoo).Keep absolute fast for one month (no food, liquid or sex) with normal work so you feel what empty stomach feels. Give away 2.5% of hard earned wealth which one does not use in this income tax era. Have brothrhood and civility in the neighbor hood with Friday collctive prayer and if one can affo…rd should go for Hajj for universal brotherhood and tolerance. This has been altered in many ways after the death of prophet . Dawa( invitation) to propagate Islam took a different shape. Changes were brought by Mulla in post prophet Islam I guess was due to literacy rate which was less than i%. If you remove the post prophet changes to me its very secular. We do not need Mullah and his interpretation in  this literate knowledge based society.You are right if you believe in God he is in every place . Mirza Ghalib the great Indian poet rightfully said the samething r. I see nothing wrong with observant people if they do not impose their views. Live and let live.See More

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