Majid Nizami and Old Muslim League

15 Apr

You successfully completed 50 years and built yourself an umpire. Nobody can question your deep conviction of hating Hindus, is against what Jinnah said. You want to revive the old Muslim league of 1947.Well its dead and should not be revived as the need of 80 million under 30 is different , let them grow. Two nation theory served its purpose and if we keep persisting we will have five nations like Bangladesh..Try to insist on real confederation in this residual land with new configuration to make the union strong. Do not try to make political one unit as it will destroy our country.Let the diversity help us grow and develop a national character.No body has monopoly on patriotism , as an elder try to guide the whole nation and not diverse component of old ML. Try to get out of Lahore to other provinces and do not suppress the desire for new provinces through media.If people want new provinces let them have so far they remain in the union We have seen the baneful effect of one unit, give a chance to real confederation and then may be Bangladesh will be lured in to make United States of Pakistan and a thriving national culture.http:/


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