Democracy and Theocracy

18 Apr
Laulak Siddique Read the other side of the story. You are living in USA. I’ll suggest go to a local library or to your state collage library or get access to National Library and read the reporting.If you have opened mind you will change it. I am not ‘defender of the faith’ rather worshipper of truth.Thats was Quran teaches us. I am secular and observant Muslim. I have gone for Hajj and taken my younger kids for Umra. I am a spiritual Muslim and not Political. You it looks to me opted for the other way round. I did not twist your words and understood as you wrote and what you wrote. I want you to read Jinnah’s speeches from 1946 till his death and tell me what he was.Was he secularist? I think he was.He was more than that . He was culturally Muslim And wanted a culturally Muslim State and not a theocracy. Do not live in history and develop hatred and anger.As I said before let us go forward , vote in the next election. As an honest citizen devoid of hatred and anger Accept the judgment of the people and abide with the rules of democracy rather than personal ideology and its imposition on others. I know Hindus in Karachi and they are descent people, I had Hindu classmates in Lahore and they were like any other human beings.They did not have horns coming out on their head.

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