Our Solution

21 Apr

Abid Kayani I am well read, its my hobby particularly about Pakistan I can quote the evolution of Pakistan from 1906 on. I recommend that you read about Sir Syed and Jinnah’s life then only you will have a back ground information. Sudan and Arab actions are not applicable. A very sensible approach is suggested by Mr. Hashmi and Imran Khan to make the playing field economically even. The second problem is that five nations are living in Pakistan with distinct languages ,culture food ,dress etc. We do not have Pakistani culture,we have no history. Pakistan has murky history of last 64 years.As you stated we are very provincial.ethnic,sectarian racist and so on. Well whats the solution?.We have to develop national Pakistani culture. It can only be accomplished by having periodic elections and education.Abolition of feudal system will help. So far economic equality is concerned playing level field through the formation of new provinces is a need of the time, union will become stronger and sense of deprivation will go away.In order to get convinced please go to Lahore, Multan and Attock and make up your mind.Everybody agrees that we were unfair to Balochistan. So far Bangladesh is concerned all you have to do see the budget of East which had more people and west and decide for yourself from 1947_71. Karachi produces 60 % of nations wealth according to newspapers but never gets enough money according to productivity to develop infrastructure ,transport system etc. Karachi’s population has grown 100,000 to 19.000,000. Overcrowding is the issue and not the job.If you put too many rats in the cage then they kill each other in spite of food. This is a scientific fact. We do not need micromanagement for each little problem. People are taking the industry to Bangladesh for the same reason as USA,UK and others i.e. low production cost. There is nobody against Punjab. We are in Majority,have PM,C-in-C, chief justice and member of civil service and Army. Our problem is generic and thats the way we should look at http://www.thoughtpurification.wordpress.com


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