23 Apr

Making Dawood the main cause of violence in a city of 19.000.000 is beyond by any stretch of imagination.Karachi is a diverse city in every respect I. e. education, productivity , culture etc. The only thing common is money as it produces 60% of nations wealth and people from all over the country gravitate here for earning a livelihood. There are people from Bangladesh, Philippine, Chechenia and so on.It should be melting pot but things have not melted together well. But above all there is overcrowding , poor infrastructure and transportation. Its like a overcrowded rat colony in the cage. Security alone will never solve the problem without massive change in the living condition. Social scientist, city planner and security heads have to work together with more money returning to the city which makes it otherwise this will continue as it is. An academic approach is needed and not mob power.If New York city can solve its law and order problem so can Karachi.https://thoughtpurification.wordpress.com


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