Which Islam

6 May

Thought Purification Qaseem,you are doing exactly what Rushdie did. Rusdie took liberty with the scripture to write a book and you are taking liberty to contradict the 10th commandment.You have a right to to do that and I will not give a Fatwa to kill you Confrontation,contradiction and criticism of religion is non productive.It becomes political where as it is spiritual. Islam is religion of peace as practiced by Dataganj,Chihti and Nizamuddin and not of Jihadies and suicide bombers.No body has a right to impose his version and interpretation over others.There is no clergy in Islam .Its a religion of personal responsibility and peace. At the end it should lead us to ethical life and peace of mind (nafs Mutmaina) If it does not attain that then according to me one is practicing wrong.


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