Illness and cure

21 May

You are right in most of your points. There are over 1000 honor killings,mutilation of face by chopping off the nose,throwing acid by member of Parliament and getting off. Jirga system has tribal culture where women of suspect party are raped by the complainers.This is reinforced by Feudals and illiterate clergy, In Parliament one who became education minister justified it as cultural norm. This the quality of our people and we expect our leaders to be better than general public . I would strongly recommend you to read Tahmina Durrani ‘s book ‘My Feudal Lord’. No question genetic does indeed play a part because we see this in all Muslim countries. We have brave idiots who become suicide bomber and we loose 5000 people every year without any war with in our borders.I think social progress through education will occur and if we also have periodic uninterrupted election and a loyal leader of opposition. Democracy sooner or latter purifies the society


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