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Economics and Tolerance

30 Jun

Deepu:Its very difficult question to answer in day to day living. Majority of people have no difficulty in Muslim majority dominated countries particularly in Pakistan but a fundamentalist fringe group who also have political ambition usually are responsible for reprehensible acts. In Pakistan a secular group is in power and opposition is usually made of rightist and and religiously inclined group. To prove my point i will like to mention that never religious party like BJP and its allies have won the election. Fundamental changes were brought by BJP in religious relation as is evident particularly in Gujrat. There is no tolerance for Muslims. Unfortunately this fringe group has become dominant in Gujrat. I think as India gains a little more economically they will modify or discard it from the main stream. In the past the golden period of Jews was in the Islamic Caliphate in Southern Europe and both were annihilated in the totally exterminative holocaust. Act of history are sometime repeated though it can never justify the action in present or future. In the final analysis economics determines the actions.The best example is Muslims in USA. In spite of being liberal, fundamentalist and conservatives they do not produce native terrorists. If one is well fed and has good shelter then one writes poetry and sings songs of tranquility and peace.



27 Jun

Perfection in the developing democracy is not possible. Democracy is the worst form of system but there is none better than that. Do not look at the most matured democracies of UK and Switzerland , it took hundreds of years. We can not duplicate it but develop our own according to the genius of our people. Look at USA . It looks imperfect when you compare with UK but works well for them. Developing democracies in middle east are an example of initial experiment.The point is it always works. We have made the start and let us keep going. Freedom is in human psyche and democracy fulfills it. If you have an alternatives then please let us know.

Teaching the Faith

13 Jun

By saying Kalima people become Muslim like ex slave ‘Wahashi’ to save his life, but there were lot of people of “Chabutra” who were taught. Most of us are Muslim because we are born in Muslim families. How to teach them real faith is billion Rs. ?. In this knowledge based society, we must stop teachers and Imams with irrational brain. Rituals have become more important than spirituality.Message is buried in the teaching of those who came after the prophet even hundred of years latter. Our basic aim should be to teach people how to develop ethical life and contended soul . It is the message of Quran if you read as whole. We only use selective parts as it suits us. I believe religious seminaries and Imams in the mosque are teaching things selectively as it suits them. We are in confused state of mind.In our selective approach important part is messenger then message and then Allah. We must reverse the order.It will convert our believe in unshakeable faith in Allah.

Muslims in India

9 Jun

Rems Syny Muslim do not get equal opportunity than average Hindu.1.Let us talk about defense services ,security services including police and Indian civil services. Tel me what proportion of Muslim are there in relation to population2 . Tell me income per capita of each group. 3. Tell me number of students in Universities particularly in scientific field.4. Give me the figures in private sector and kind of jobs. Private industry is developing a ghetto type underclass proletarians for good so that they will never be able to get out from the shackles. President Azad the father of Indian atom bomb was used as show boy to show the world. People in sports ,music and Bollywood can very well be compared to Blacks in USA. The public entertainer who public at large selects can not be suppressed as they have support of investors who make tons of money. We are talking about participation in the main stream and middle class according to population. Have you read Justice Sachar’s and other report.Can you deny them. There are other reports available after that if you wish I can find them for you.Do me a favor and change you name and apply to collages.and various services and see what you get.You will understand why Muslims are not at par with Hindus. There is built in psychological hatred deep down in Hindus as there is no other way to explain it.

Political System

4 Jun

If you want to make it worse then do it. Where do you think Fazal brothers got there money? What is the Haj scandal ? Who was Moulana Chuski? You want to borrow Islamic political man power from Saudia. In our tribal culture where noses are chopped of, where acid is thrown on the face and people are killed for unproven honor system you will bring change. What is the model, may be Taliban before 9/11. Do not tell me Calphate in first forty years of Islam when most of head of state were murdered in uniform small population.We are 180 millions strong with five very diverse cultures .Like five nations living with common faith. There is no short cut to maturity except by growing up process, Only through education and periodic elections,a time honored proven system evolved over hundreds of year.Let us not invent the wheel again. Brother Haroon you should agree with me.