Political System

4 Jun

If you want to make it worse then do it. Where do you think Fazal brothers got there money? What is the Haj scandal ? Who was Moulana Chuski? You want to borrow Islamic political man power from Saudia. In our tribal culture where noses are chopped of, where acid is thrown on the face and people are killed for unproven honor system you will bring change. What is the model, may be Taliban before 9/11. Do not tell me Calphate in first forty years of Islam when most of head of state were murdered in uniform small population.We are 180 millions strong with five very diverse cultures .Like five nations living with common faith. There is no short cut to maturity except by growing up process, Only through education and periodic elections,a time honored proven system evolved over hundreds of year.Let us not invent the wheel again. Brother Haroon you should agree with me.


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