Muslims in India

9 Jun

Rems Syny Muslim do not get equal opportunity than average Hindu.1.Let us talk about defense services ,security services including police and Indian civil services. Tel me what proportion of Muslim are there in relation to population2 . Tell me income per capita of each group. 3. Tell me number of students in Universities particularly in scientific field.4. Give me the figures in private sector and kind of jobs. Private industry is developing a ghetto type underclass proletarians for good so that they will never be able to get out from the shackles. President Azad the father of Indian atom bomb was used as show boy to show the world. People in sports ,music and Bollywood can very well be compared to Blacks in USA. The public entertainer who public at large selects can not be suppressed as they have support of investors who make tons of money. We are talking about participation in the main stream and middle class according to population. Have you read Justice Sachar’s and other report.Can you deny them. There are other reports available after that if you wish I can find them for you.Do me a favor and change you name and apply to collages.and various services and see what you get.You will understand why Muslims are not at par with Hindus. There is built in psychological hatred deep down in Hindus as there is no other way to explain it.


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