Teaching the Faith

13 Jun

By saying Kalima people become Muslim like ex slave ‘Wahashi’ to save his life, but there were lot of people of “Chabutra” who were taught. Most of us are Muslim because we are born in Muslim families. How to teach them real faith is billion Rs. ?. In this knowledge based society, we must stop teachers and Imams with irrational brain. Rituals have become more important than spirituality.Message is buried in the teaching of those who came after the prophet even hundred of years latter. Our basic aim should be to teach people how to develop ethical life and contended soul . It is the message of Quran if you read as whole. We only use selective parts as it suits us. I believe religious seminaries and Imams in the mosque are teaching things selectively as it suits them. We are in confused state of mind.In our selective approach important part is messenger then message and then Allah. We must reverse the order.It will convert our believe in unshakeable faith in Allah.


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