Economics and Tolerance

30 Jun

Deepu:Its very difficult question to answer in day to day living. Majority of people have no difficulty in Muslim majority dominated countries particularly in Pakistan but a fundamentalist fringe group who also have political ambition usually are responsible for reprehensible acts. In Pakistan a secular group is in power and opposition is usually made of rightist and and religiously inclined group. To prove my point i will like to mention that never religious party like BJP and its allies have won the election. Fundamental changes were brought by BJP in religious relation as is evident particularly in Gujrat. There is no tolerance for Muslims. Unfortunately this fringe group has become dominant in Gujrat. I think as India gains a little more economically they will modify or discard it from the main stream. In the past the golden period of Jews was in the Islamic Caliphate in Southern Europe and both were annihilated in the totally exterminative holocaust. Act of history are sometime repeated though it can never justify the action in present or future. In the final analysis economics determines the actions.The best example is Muslims in USA. In spite of being liberal, fundamentalist and conservatives they do not produce native terrorists. If one is well fed and has good shelter then one writes poetry and sings songs of tranquility and peace.


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