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4 Jul
  • Tauseef Rehman Khan: Few people have a short vision of Hinduism, of which we all are product including you and me. To my knowledge I could not find even a single verse in Vedas suggesting eating of beef is a sin. Rigveda define cow as Devi (giver) and Aditi (mother). Sacrificing Oxen & Bulls were also common in ancient Hinduism and even in parts of India (exception river planes). Cow used to represents supreme sacrifice in Hinduism. With time it turned into ‘Go Daan’ (parting with cows) and not it’s killing. The Brahmins exploited this ritual. Vegetarianism is taught in Hinduism from prehistoric period believing that it keeps body and mind cool. I have not come across and particular reference in Vedas which excludes cow for meat eaters. Surprisingly for you, cow as such is not worshiped by Hindu but Nandi (Oxen) is. It is a ritu…See More
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  • Thought Purification

    I like what you wrote . In Islam we have the same problem with rituals. Except for Salat( Namaz ) five times or rather meditation is original in a way and rest of the practices are pre Islamic though they are included in five pillar of Islam. Monotheism can be traced to ancient Egypt much before Abraham when one of the Pharos was slained by its own priest for talking about one God.Lot in every religion is contaminated by the culture as Islam by Arabic practices. its one reason the faith with its spirituality is having difficulty in Turkey,South east Asia ,Indonesia and the Islands,18% Arabs are thus affecting the majority non Arabs. Sharia as we know it was not conceptualized till eighth century and Hadith the verbal history not till two hundred years after the death of prophet.Fortunately for the believers Quran was compiled in the present form a few years after the death of prophet and smartly memorized by a sizable numbers.The bottom line is if one is a believer in a faith and has ethical life and contended soul he is practicing his faith as it jives with humanity. I like conversing with you.


1 Jul

Bollo:Its very difficult to interpret mixing of faith with man mad codes. Shariah worked in Arab culture and even there not successfully as it did not translate into truly ethical life and contended soul, though punishment was used on earth and fear , reward and sexual compensation for the life here after as state policy. On the other hand if you take the holy book as a whole and not selectively it makes us responsible individually and reward is ethical life and contended soul and thus even Jannah on earth. By the way Shariah as such was not conceptualize till the time of Ghazali in eight century and after. It looks secular arrangement in this diversified society should be acceptable and spirituality for the life here after.