My believe

2 Aug

After reading various comments I want to simplify and clarify the core concept in Islam as Taught by Quran and Prophet. But may be not as amplified people after him as it was contaminated by Arab culture. It is very confusing for 72% of non Arab Muslims out of 1,2 billion.1. Spiritual control of self ( Nafs) through thought purification and leading to contended soul( Nafs- i- Mutmaina) 2. Ethical life and character 3.The biggest Jihad is against one self. Five pillar of Islam leads to these objective. Islam teaches to live according to your own worth and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. In a way Nitin its a secular religion but different rituals. The belief in one God only makes it non secular but majority of People believe in a super power. The last sermon of prophet talked against racism, nationalism and treatment of women

 and their rights. ” The one among you who is pious is superior” There is no place for priest and the education which was imparted to the population whose literacy rate was 1% or less compared to today. Its a religion of individual responsibility. But now we have lot of big brothers telling us what to do and I think they are responsible for our backwardness. This is my understanding. I come from an observant and educated family of last four generation . We have over 40 women who have post graduate degrees and are gainfully employed , two or three wear Hizab according to their own faith, a few have beards but all believe in” Live and let live” This religion is a religion of PEACE for us.

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