Restructuring of Pakistan

7 Aug

Tariq:You are absolutely right. We need pro Pakistani ideology . Unfortunately because of our social structure and cultural differences Punjab has not been able to adopt a national ideology. Its not the fault of the people but rather extension of two nation theory which died on August 14 1947. One unit formation aggravated the situation as for the same reason Egyptian union with Syria and Libya did not work. Bangladesh was by product of one unit as predicted in pre partition India by Azad and Patel. If we have divided Punjab and Bengal into three provinces each then our map would have been different and development and growth of the country would have been different. Fortunately we are thinking and moving in the right direction in creating South Punjab and Bhawalpur and other entities. Talking to my educated friends in Lahore they feel certain reservation about breaking up the province though they accept it as the right thing to do. I would say this is natural as it indicates human weakness.No body can stop the evolution. Punjabis will stay as Punjabis whether the stay in three provinces or one. Look at Indian Punjab. Its the most prosperous area of the country after Gujrat. Security forces and army also needs to be restructured in order to avoid dictatorship and feeling of deprivation by smaller units.


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