Practice of Islam

17 Aug

Laulak. He was a real prophet no ifs or but. He taught us God is one and gave us five arkaan to practice Taqwa “thought purification’ which leads us to ethical life and contended soul as Quran teaches us. Nobody needs any intermediary to practice that. My honest difficulties are when political Islam and others people’s culture and interpretation is made part of my faith. Hadith or verbal history came 200 years latter and Shariah was conceptualized by Ghazali almost 300 years latter. My believe is if we practice what prophet taught us through the word of God ( universal truths as mentioned in Quran) to attain ethical life and contended soul I do not need the teaching of four Sunni Imams ( I am Sunni but do have Shia relatives),Bokhari ,Muslim and Ghazali. Literacy rate in in Saudia was less than1% and they needed the instruction ( people of Chabootra or platform in Masjid-i-Nabawi). Today situation is different. One thing I am sure that one has to follow Quran as a whole book of instruction rather than selectively and if you do you become a Talib of Punjab and Afghanistan. I did study Islamic theology as a subject in under graduate school. I hope you know what I am saying as I can not explain any better.


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