Secular and Spiritual

17 Aug

May be if you say so. I do not think so, You can be observant Muslim as well as secular. Remember individual responsibility with rewards and punishment separates Islam from other religion. Education level is more than what it was 1400 years ago. Tribal primitive culture can be equated with Jahilia as was prevalent in Mecca and I’ll grant you that we also have traces of it in Pakistan. Prophet never asked anybody to be killed if he talked or acted against him. Blasphemy did not exist in prophets time. Secularism as I understand and see it practiced is a system of administration where people are treated equally. Islam I believe is one of the foremost religion which made spirituality compatible with secular principles. Read his last sermon at the time of farewell Hajj and tell me if its not secular. All I say that I will not impose my values on you and by the same token do not impose your values on me. Thats what prophet taught us by his actions.


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