18 Aug
There was no Shariah . After Quran was completed prophet died shortly there after and not many people were knowledgable of Quran in its entirety.If you read the history of compilation of Quran which was done by first three Caliph you will realize that in initial stages everything was in flux except moral life was initiated with strong spiritual background. All most all prophet’s worldly pronouncement were secular as they were based on universal truths. If we follow final version of Uthmanic Quran we find its not in conflict with secular values which are based on human rights and equality among human beings. The only thing which complicates the issue in modern era is weakness in Iman and development of Shariah and verbal history(Hadith) and its enforcement by militant suicide bombers.Tell me one country in the world where Shariah was introduced and human development took place. In “Golden Age of Islam” It was the educated populace and not Shariah which made the difference. Shariah restricts the human energy and obtunds the mental faculties. What we need is spirituality and secular society. Shariah is the brainchild of Islamic thinkers and that is a truth validated by verify able facts.

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