Our Problem

23 Aug

This is one of the best editorial I have read in this paper. North West of United India was always famous for more aggressive people and acted as a fodder for British Army and produced more army officers per square mile. The real inheritors of Pakistan are those who own the land where majority of population lives are unjust. they never struggled for it but reaped the benefit. They lead a degenerated life personally , do not allow the school in their district, have labor in bondage and their own security system and virtual prison for people. It breeds hostility. Look at the educated lawyers who beat up each others like Sher Afghan and Naeem Bokhari , judges and domestics. They throw rose petals over murderers. Our religion is supposed to be religion of peace but in reality we use militancy which is not condemned by the religious

 leaders. We have our own Taliban and suicide bombers. Our culture in villages is based on honor killing and punishment by gang raping is officially sanctioned. Members of Parliament advocate burying the women when they are half alive as tradition of the tribe, The same member became education minister, We have culture of settling every thing with gun, chopping the nose and defacing with acid. We are nation of revenge as is well know in tribal area where many generations are destroyed over decades. I have read in papers that somebody took revenge on his return from England by shooting the the person who killed his father and this after obtaining higher education from England. One sometime wonders if we have some kind of genetic disorders. Solution looks to be in having democracy, education particularly of women to raise better citizen, abolition of feudal system as well as tribal justice system at least on paper. Let us send our Mullah to mosques to preach passage to Jannah though good deeds rather than taking a short cut by becoming Shaheed. Ultimately we have to have Pakistan of Jinnah’s dream and not of some bigoted ideology.It is interesting to mention that some of Eurpean and American who had extensive dealing with people in India and Pakistan observed that People in Pakistan have some kind of chip on their shoulders and a short fuse and that included shop keepers and small business men. We have a problem.

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